Billy Name: The Silver Age

Billy Name: The Silver Age

Black and White Photographs from Andy Warhol's Factory



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'Billy's book will go down in history as the best book about Warhol.' - Gerard Malanga

‘Billy’s photos were the only thing that ever came close to capturing the feel of the 1960s Silver Factory.’ - Andy Warhol

This is the definitive and comprehensive collection of Billy Name’s black and white photographs from Warhol’s Factory. Billy’s photographs from this period (1964-68) are one of the most important photographic documents of any single artist in history.

Billy lived in a tiny closet at the Factory. He was responsible for the legendary ‘silverizing’ of the space using aluminium paint and aluminium foil to complete the instillation. When Andy gave Billy a Pentax Honeywell 35mm camera, he took on the role of resident photographer and archivist.

This visual essay, produced in collaboration with Billy, features a foreword by John Cale. It also includes an introduction by Glenn O'Brien and contributions from Factory alumnae including Gerard Malanga, Viva, Allen Midgette, Brigid Berlin and more. It offers an extensive trip through Warhol’s world. Billy photographed the day-to-day happenings at the Factory, including visits from Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, Nico, Edie Sedgwick, Ivy Nicholson and Bob Dylan; filming Screen Tests and features like Chelsea Girls, Vinyl and My Hustler.

Featuring over 400 of Billy’s black and white photographs, this volume is not to be missed.

ISBN: 978-1-909526-17-4
448pp; Hardback; 400 b/w photographs
290 x 245 mm / 11.4 x 10 in.



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Edited and designed by Dagon James

Co-Edited by Anastasia Rygle

Foreword by John Cale

Introduction by Glenn O'Brien

Contributions from Factory alumnae, including Brigid Berlin, Diane di Prima, Danny Fields, Bibbe Hansen, Robert Heide, Gerard Malanga, Allen Midgette, Viva, Mary Woronov