Separate Cinema

Separate Cinema

The First 100 Years of Black Poster Art



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‘A brilliant overview of the last century of film poster art that ... every student of African-American history and culture should experience.’ - Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

This magnificent volume is a celebration of the first 100 years of black film poster art. A visual feast, these images recount the diverse and historic journey of the black film industry from the earliest days of Hollywood to present day. Accompanied by insightful accompanying text, a foreword by black history authority and renowned academic Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and an afterword by acclaimed film director Spike Lee.

Part aesthetic, part nostalgic, the posters have meaning to young and old alike, and possess the power to transcend ethnicity. From early independents to 12 Years a Slave, these posters represent a journey: they remind people of the pioneers of the past, those courageous and daring African-American filmmakers, entertainers and artists whose dreams and struggles paved the way for future generations.

The wealth of imagery on these pages is taken from The Separate Cinema Archive, maintained by archive director John Kisch. The most extensive private holdings of African-American film memorabilia in the world, it contains over 35,000 authentic movie posters and photographs from over 30 countries. This stunning coffee table book represents some of the archive’s greatest highlights.

ISBN: 978-1-909526-06-8
320pp; Hardback; 260 colour & b/w images and photographs
290 x 245mm / 11.4 x 10in.



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By John Kisch and Tony Nourmand

Foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr

Afterword by Spike Lee