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Separate Cinema

100 Movie Posters

“The posters these films generate and inspire constitute their own art form.”

04 Nov, 2016


“The posters reveal a great deal about how blackness has been portrayed, exploited and indeed commoditised, throughout the history of cinema.”

05 Nov, 2016


“An incredibly wide-ranging look at the posters of "black cinema" writ large”

14 Jan, 2016

Erika Hardison

“Taken as art, popular culture, and history, Separate Cinema is a tour-de-force of illustrated publishing.”

10 Sep, 2015

Miss Rosen

“A dazzling new book from Reel Art Press”

01 Nov, 2014

Ashley Clarke

“It's a long journey and we try to tell that story visually as well as historically.”

25 Oct, 2014

Jessica Gelt

“Part aesthetic, part nostalgic, the posters have deep meaning which crosses generations and transcends ethnicity.”

29 Sep, 2014

Deni Kirkova

“Seriously, go get yourself a copy. Your coffee table will thank you.”

10 Oct, 2014

Tom Ellen

“A compelling visual history. ... As well as some shocking and unsettling posters, the book includes a rare glimpse of some beautiful examples of graphic art.”

24 Sep, 2014

Rachael Steven

“While showcasing the evolution of poster art style ... it also provides a fascinating insight into the broader journey of African Americans in society.?”

21 Sep, 2014

Sarfraz Manzoor