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100 Movie Posters


Posters with Power

Here in 2014, as Christopher Nolan pumps out interstellar-themed gaming apps and JJ Abrams sends the internet into frothing, wild-eyed spasms by secreting the odd on-set photo, it’s easy to forget that there was once a time when all producers had to rely on to build excitement for their films was the humble poster.

And some of the finest of all time can now be found in Separate Cinema – a new book charting a century of black cinema poster art. It explores all aspects of black film, all the way from the early days of silent cinema – in which black characters were frequently played by white actors – right up to modern classics such as Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave. You’ll see some spectacular one-sheets from the heydays of Sidney Poiter and Sammy Davis Jr, as well as retina-sizzling posters for Seventies Blaxploitation flicks. Plus, the big screen ventures of a whole host of musical and sporting heroes (Muhammed Ali, Joe Louis, Sun Ra, Duke Ellington) are also present.

Seriously, go get yourself a copy. Your coffee table will thank you.

10 Oct, 2014 Tom Ellen