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Sid Avery: The Art of the Hollywood Snapshot

100 Movie Posters

“Sid shot almost every cinema giant of the mid-20th century and pulled off a feat surpassing even that: he captured them unguarded, stripping away the studio and P.R. artifice to find the people hiding underneath.”

06 Feb, 2014

Michael Callahan

“An impressive array of his photographs in wonderful high-quality prints.”

01 Dec, 2013


“Images of some of Hollywood's most iconic stars.”

07 Jun, 2013


“Ron Avery discusses his father's amazing Hollywood career on radio.”

02 Apr, 2013

Brian & Jill

“Magnificent volume”

01 Apr, 2013

Toni Garcia

“From Mr Frank Sinatra to Mr George Clooney a stunning new book tells the stories behind the prolific photographer's most iconic images.”

29 Jan, 2013