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In Vanity Fair's celebrated '20th Annual Hollywood Issue', R|A|P's stunning publication, Sid Avery: The Art of the Hollywood Snapshot, inspires a ten-page spread devoted to Sid's remarkable talent.

Some excellent quotes from the article include:

"Sid never found himself caught in the high beams of the chimerical stars he photographed. It was his job, he knew, to slice through that – one candid shot here, one stolen moment there – and reveal screen personalities as the public never saw them."

"Sid shot almost every cinema giant of the mid-20th century and pulled off a feat surpassing even that: he captured them unguarded, stripping away the studio and P.R. artifice to find the people hiding underneath."

"What Sid documented was nothing less than the Los Angeles equivalent of the Mad Men era."

"Many of Avery’s portraits transcend magazine art, approaching iconography."

To scroll through spreads, see above.

This issue of Vanity Fair is available to buy NOW.

Vanity Fair

06 Feb, 2014

Michael Callahan