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Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin

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“The images mix the epic and the intimate, the iconic and the rarely seen”

14 Sep, 2018

Rebecca Milzoff

“The surviving members of the band, Plant, Page and Jones, teamed up with the publisher, giving it unrestricted access to Led Zeppelin’s archive.”

03 Oct, 2018

Kenneth Dickerman

“Out tomorrow, Led Zeppelin comprises rare, unseen images taken by multiple photographers, which serve to document the band’s journey from 1968 to 2007.”

08 Oct, 2018

Benjamin Hammond

“New behind-the-scenes photos offer a rare glimpse into the world of Led Zeppelin through the years, as the band reaches the 50th anniversary of its founding.”

03 Oct, 2018

Keith Griffith

“If you’re a professional photographer in my line of work and you can’t get a great photo of Robert Plant, you should probably quit your job and go sell donuts.”

04 Oct, 2018

Tim Jonze