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First Look: 'Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin'

In the 50 years since its formation, Led Zeppelin has never officially sanctioned a visual testament to its storied rock career -- but that changes this October with the release of Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin (Reel Art Press). Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page collaborated on the 400-page tome, an assemblage of vivid photographs, artworks and more culled from the band’s personal archive. The images mix the epic and the intimate, the iconic and the rarely seen -- like this shot from the group’s June 1972 show at Los Angeles’ Forum. Veteran rock photographer Jeffrey Mayer caught the band at its commercial height, yet each member seems lost in thought -- even as Page, in rock-god mode using a violin bow on his guitar, appears to channel a laser beam of celestial light.

14 Sep, 2018 Rebecca Milzoff