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The Beat Scene

100 Movie Posters

“This beautifully curated and designed book and this collection is an important cultural document, and beyond that, Glinn’s photographs are completely transporting.”

24 Jul, 2018

Lew Whittington

“Pictures of drunken Jack Kerouac have been seen before, but never in Kodachrome.”

18 Jul, 2018

Sam Whiting

“A book of newly discovered photographs from a Magnum photographer's archive is an affectionate wink at the Beats”

14 Jun, 2018


“Nightcrawling with Kerouac, Ginsberg and the beatniks – in pictures”

17 Jul, 2018


“Offering a virtually unseen look into their creative way of life, Burt Glinn’s rare photography captures the raw energy of the Beatniks like none other has.”

27 Jun, 2018

Kitty Robson

“From late-night loft parties to crowded poetry readings, a new book featuring previously unseen work from photographer Burt Glinn depicts the era in all of its glory”

29 Jun, 2018

Huck HQ

“The Beat Generation pre-dated the hippies of the 1960s and were considerably cooler.”

04 Jul, 2018

Mansel Fletcher

“These bohemians put a lot of effort into explaining themselves for the mainstream they shunned.”

26 Jun, 2018

John Leland