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POSTED: 09 Sep 16 12:00

"He was chronicling a brief utopian moment amid the gathering storm of protest and often violent reprisal that would define the civil rights era of the early-to-mid 1960s." - The Guardian's excellent piece on Jazz Festival: Jim Marshall can be read here.

POSTED: 31 Aug 16 12:00

Peter Angelo Simon & D.A. Pennebaker to Launch 'Muhammad Ali: Fighter's Heaven 1974' at Rizzoli.

POSTED: 01 Aug 16 12:00

The New York Times have offered a wonderful obituary celebrating the life and work Billy Name.

POSTED: 01 Aug 16 12:00

The opening reception for Shephard Fairey's collaboration with the Jim Marshall estate is taking place on Saturday the 13th of August in San Francisco. Email info@sfae.com to RSVP.

POSTED: 01 Aug 16 12:00

Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn, NY is hosting and event to celebrate the publication of Muhammad Ali: Fighter's Heaven, on Thursday the 25th of August at 7.30pm. Peter Angelo Simon will be conducting a talk and visual presentation at the event.

POSTED: 13 Jun 16 12:00

In the wake of his tragic passing, The New Yorker take a look at Muhammad Ali: Fighter's Heaven 1974. The article is available here.

POSTED: 13 May 16 12:00

The British Journal of Photography discusses Hunter Barnes' Roadbook and his upcoming exhibition at the Serena Morton II gallery in West London. Click here to read and for more info.