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POSTED: 13 Jun 16 12:00

In the wake of his tragic passing, The New Yorker take a look at Muhammad Ali: Fighter's Heaven 1974. The article is available here.

POSTED: 13 May 16 12:00

The British Journal of Photography discusses Hunter Barnes' Roadbook and his upcoming exhibition at the Serena Morton II gallery in West London. Click here to read and for more info.

POSTED: 03 May 16 12:00

One Giant Read offer up a fantastic review of The 2001 File, which can be read here.

POSTED: 13 Apr 16 12:00

David Hurn discusses photographing the 60s in this illuminating video. The 1960s: Photographed by David Hurn is available now.

POSTED: 12 Apr 16 12:00

The Gay & Lesbian Review offer a fantastic overview of Brigid Berlin Polaroids, which is available to read here.

POSTED: 06 Apr 16 12:00

In a new article, Amateur Photographer magazine discuss David Hurn's approach to photography. Read here.

POSTED: 18 Mar 16 12:00

To continue their series of articles about The 2001 File, Creative Review discuss how 2001 predicted inventions and trends that we see today. Read here.