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Mario Casilli

100 Movie Posters

“Mario Casilli is a camp classic that is overwhelmingly sincere. It is a joyful reminder of the power and allure of photographic memory.”

11 Sep, 2015

Miss Rosen

“It's a tremendous body of work ... and it's never really been seen all together.”

06 Feb, 2014

Alexa Girkout

“This explosion of Eighties high camp and glamour features a collection of Casilli's finest work.”

10 Dec, 2013


“We're not worthy.”

30 Sep, 2013


“A beautifully made, unique visual document of the photographer's art.”

02 Dec, 2013

Priya Elan

“Casilli's soft focus, high-gloss vision would come to embody the 1980s American dream. ... His amazing photography is now immortalised in a spectacular coffee table book.”

12 Nov, 2013

Deni Kirkova

“A time capsule to the decade when big hair, polyester suits, shoulder pads, and blinding beading reigned supreme.”

19 Nov, 2013

Julie Ma

“He became Francisco de Goya: official author of ruling royal portraits in the entertainment industry.”

11 Nov, 2013

Hector Llanos

“The big, brash, and beautiful stars of the decade that taste forgot found their perfect muse in photographer Mario Casilli”

10 Nov, 2013

Lucy Davies