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Publishers Reel Art Press release the first ever large format coffee table book, [Hollywood And The Ivy Look] exploring how the Ivy look came into play on the West coast. The Ivy look had stemmed off from the elite on the East Coast and steered itself over to Hollywood, where it was elevated to its peak. Featuring the laid back styles of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman to early prepsters such as Woody Allen and Dustin Hoffman, the book aims to take inspiration from early twentieth century Hollywood stars and see how this style has sustained itself over the years. Another highlight of the book would be the on and off-screen stills from classic movies that helped broaden the reach of the Ivy look, including shots on the set of Psycho, The Graduate and The Odd Couple

To see article online, with accompanying slideshow of images, click here.


18 Nov, 2011

Denise Taw