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From Steve McQueen and Paul Newman to Clint Eastwood and Warren Beatty, the preppy style has been adopted by Hollywood hipsters since the mid-fifties. Now, that iconic Ivy Look is being celebrated in this ace new book.

In the decade between 1955 and 1965 a coterie of discerning Hollywood hipsters appropriated the incomparable Ivy League clothing of America’s East coast elite. These West Coast actors elevated the Ivy look to the height of cool and defined a quintessentially American male dress code for a new generation of movie audiences.

This November Reel Art Press publishes a celebration of how ‘Ivy’ established itself as the epitome of 1960s Hollywood style. From the button-down hip of Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Anthony Perkins to the preppy sensibilities of Woody Allen and Dustin Hoffman; the understated but carefully selected components of the Ivy look didn’t shout ‘look at me’ but instead gave off an image of approachable correctness and laid back confidence. Hollywood and The Ivy Look is an opportunity to take inspiration from some of the twentieth century’s most iconic stars: Clint Eastwood in ribbed woollen sweater; James Coburn in seersucker suit and sunglasses; Robert Redford in black polo-neck and navy blazer; Sidney Poitier in green, striped jacket with red paisley tie and Warren Beatty in pale chinos with perfectly polished loafers.

With the autumn/winter 2011 men’s catwalk continuing to take its inspiration from Ivy, this stunning photographic edition will be available from selected retail outlets around the UK on November 15th with a RRP of £45.

To see article online, with accompanying slideshow of images, click here.

Sabotage Times

16 Nov, 2011

James Brown