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Anarchy: Beyond Being the Archetypical Anti-Hero

Steve McQueen is known internationally as more than an actor who plays the archetypical “anti-hero” in early 20th Century films, he has been crowned and remembered as the undisputed King of Cool for his taste in fashion and his sense of style. Many people have seen films and pictures of the über-cool American icon, but not many people have access to McQueen’s world. Barry Feinstein is one exception. The photographer has gained the trust of the international superstar who as a matter of fact was fond of his novel style of unconventional photographs that were naturalistic, contemporary and uncontrived. Consequently, the two bonded and became longterm close friends. Captured through Barry’s lens is not only the real man in action but also an expression of their unspoken intimacy and understanding towards each other.

Steve McQueen’s daredevil, thrill-seeking mantra of “I love for myself and I answer to nobody” is captured most uniquely and genuinely by Barry Feinstein. His powerful portrayal shows the scope of McQueen’s unchallenged character: McQueen as an actor on and off set, as a fast car aficionado at the racetracks, and simply as a man with family and friends. Precious moments from Barry’s album includes a poignant photograph of McQueen’s son sleeping peacefully on his lap.

Feinstein’s collection of rare, previously unpublished images of the icon are published in Unseen McQueen: Barry Feinstein on 21 November 2013 by Reel Art Press. The photographic volume includes over 120 wide monochromatic images taken at the height of McQueen’s movie career.

24 Sep, 2013 Carrie Lau