Photographs by Scott Caan

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A beautiful volume. Caan’s work has a keen and quiet honesty to it that reflects his innate instincts as a photojournalist.

Over the past decade, actor Scott Caan has quietly garnered a reputation as an outstanding photographer. This exceptional volume is a celebration of his most recent work.

Shooting with a photojournalist’s eye, Caan captures moments that have a quiet honesty to them and a documentary feel. Caan’s images also have a unique insight into life as a celebrity – such as the book’s cover image; taken from the top of the red carpet at Cannes (where no photographer has ever been allowed) looking back at the hive of paparazzi below.

The title of the book is another subtle nod to his fame. Countering claims that he is simply indulging in ‘a vanity project’, Caan has reclaimed the word in full force with this exquisite demonstration of his talent. ‘To me, Vanity was the perfect title. Photography is the one thing I can do where I don’t have to answer to anybody. ... In a sense, it is my selfish way of saying; “these are the photographs that I like.”’

The book features an introduction from Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo.

ISBN: 978-1-909526-16-7
192pp; Hardback; 160+ b/w photographs
290 x 245mm / 11 x 10 in.


Edited and designed by Howard Nourmand

Introduction by Mark Mothersbaugh