Reel Art Press

Reel Art Press

R|A|P stands for exceptional taste and a unique curatorial eye. It stands for luxury and class, the highest production values, and a sensitivity to an eclectic selection of subject matter and material. It stands for rare, unpublished and unusual work including subjects with mass appeal and limited editions with unlimited potential. 

R|A|P was founded by Tony Nourmand in 2010. It has remained true to its founding principles, which are to attract A-list projects and to bring to their publication uncompromisingly high standards at every stage of production. Its remarkable development has been achieved with a small in-house team, who share a commitment to quality and creativity, passion and professionalism.


The Team

Reel Art Press work with a dedicated team of talented artists, writers, designers and production managers. Our key principals include: 

Tony Nourmand: Founder and Editor in Chief

Alison Elangasinghe: Head of Editorial and Operations

Dave Brolan: Music Editor

Rory Bruton: Production and Communications Associate

Leonora Forrester: Financial Officer

If you would like to contact any of our team, we can be reached on: 

T: +44 (0)20 7580 1119

The Team