RAPhttps://www.reelartpress.com/ 14 Jul 2020 09:07:31en-gb All of a sudden the band was going on stagehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/313 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/31308 Nov 16 10:11:39 All of a sudden the band was going on stage Annie Leibovitz hailed him as “the rock ’n’ roll photographer.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/308 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/30824 Oct 16 11:10:04 Annie Leibovitz hailed him as “the rock ’n’ roll photographer. BBC Arts offer up a great piece on Total Excesshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/315 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/31510 Nov 16 10:11:51 BBC Arts offer up a great piece on Total Excess Jim Marshall at Jazz at Lincoln Centerhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/305 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/30510 Oct 16 10:10:18 Jim Marshall at Jazz at Lincoln Center Little White Lies offer up a great run throughhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/311 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/31107 Nov 16 10:11:57 Little White Lies offer up a great run through Mojo magazine describehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/307 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/30718 Oct 16 10:10:58 Mojo magazine describe The Mail on Sunday spoke to the Z-Man himself,https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/312 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/31207 Nov 16 10:11:08 The Mail on Sunday spoke to the Z-Man himself, The Week discuss BFI's tribute to black on-screen talenthttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/310 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/31007 Nov 16 10:11:44 The Week discuss BFI's tribute to black on-screen talent Washington Post run through a great selection of photoshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/309 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/30904 Nov 16 11:11:37 Washington Post run through a great selection of photos “When I was shooting, it was like I was in the band and that was really the reason I wanted to do it” https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/314 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/31408 Nov 16 10:11:57 “When I was shooting, it was like I was in the band and that was really the reason I wanted to do it” 'Enduring Romance of the Wedding Dress' exhibitionhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/53 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5315 Jun 11 12:06:00 'Enduring Romance of the Wedding Dress' exhibition now on at the Fashion Museum in Bath3 days left of Rat Pack NY showhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/41 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/4124 Mar 11 12:03:00 Only three days left to catch the highly successful Rat Pack show at Milk Gallery in New York.A Clockwork Orangehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/32 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/3223 Nov 10 12:11:00 The full story behind the iconic Clockwork Orange campaign.Advance US copies of Weddings Book available now.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/46 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/4606 May 11 12:05:00 Advance copies of Weddings and Movie Stars now available at Rizzoli Bookstore in New York.Art Kane Mojo Magazine Featurehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/214 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/21404 Feb 15 12:02:00 ArtDaily review Kennedyhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/90 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9005 Sep 12 12:09:00 ArtDaily review Kennedy book and discuss upcoming exhib of Mark Shaw photographs.Artist Talk at MOBIA New Yorkhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/172 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17217 Mar 14 12:03:00 Hunter Barnes discusses his book, A Testimony of Serpent Handling, at MOBIA, New York.BBC Arts look at Billy Namehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/194 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19414 Nov 14 12:11:00 Quotes and images from Billy Name are featured on BBC Arts.BBC discuss The Kennedyshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/91 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9106 Sep 12 12:09:00 BBC discusses The Kennedys book with editor, Tony Nourmand.BBC News Article on Woodstockhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/175 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17529 Jul 14 12:07:00 BBC Radio Scotland discuss Billy Namehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/203 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/20315 Dec 14 12:12:00 "This book really is stunning. It's beautiful." BBC Radio Scotland discuss Billy Name and interview Glenn O'Brien, who writes the book's introduction.Bill Gold at Soho Househttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/30 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/3010 Nov 10 12:11:00 Bill Gold chats to Christopher Frayling and Tony Nourmand about Bill Gold: PosterWorks.Bill Gold book rolls off the presshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/25 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/2505 Oct 10 12:10:00 The inaugural Reel Art Press publication, Bill Gold: PosterWorks, rolls off the press, October 2010.Bill Gold Exhibition in Central Londonhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/29 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/2906 Nov 10 12:11:00 The Reel Poster Gallery are exhibiting a selection of Bill Gold's original movie posters. 12th Nov - 6th Jan.Bill Gold Exhibition in New Yorkhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/105 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10527 Nov 12 12:11:00 Bill Gold Exhibition in New YorkBill Gold interviewed by Christopher Fraylinghttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/24 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/2405 Oct 10 12:10:00 Bill Gold interviewed in Penthouse Australiahttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/49 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/4925 May 11 12:05:00 In-depth discussion with Bill Gold by Matt Weiner at Penthouse Australia.Bill Gold: PosterWorks Soho House, New Yorkhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/38 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/3823 Dec 10 12:12:00 Slideshow of images from launch event at Soho House New York for Bill Gold: PosterWorks. With photography by Ken Shung.Bill Gold: PosterWorks, Soho House Launch, NYhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/36 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/3621 Dec 10 12:12:00 Bill Gold: PosterWorks, Soho House Launch, New York on the 9th December 2010Billy Name and Andy Warhol in The Observerhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/192 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19210 Nov 14 12:11:00 "I think of Billy as being Andy?s equal ? the great unsung artist and behind-the-scenes magician of the scene. ... Billy was the negative Andy was peeled from." Glenn O-Brien discusses Billy Name's work and his relationship with Andy Warhol in The Observer.Billy Name Exhibition in NYhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/190 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19003 Nov 14 12:11:00 Unmissable. Billy Name Exhibition of Warhol photographs coming in November to Milk Gallery in New York. Billy Name in the Heraldhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/204 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/20405 Jan 15 12:01:00 Billy Name featured in Portfolio of The Herald magazine.Billy Name in The New York Timeshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/191 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19110 Nov 14 12:11:00 Billy Name on Andy, Photography and the Afterlife in The New York Times.Bizarre mag look at Hollywood Boundhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/115 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/11521 Jan 13 12:01:00 Bizarre magazine take a look at Hollywood Bound.Black History Month Exhibitionhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/169 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/16929 Jan 14 12:01:00 Exhibition of Jazz-related cinema posters at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio to celebrate Black History Month.?CBS News take a look at Kennedys book,https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/96 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9620 Sep 12 12:09:00 CBS News take a look at Kennedys book. Watch the videoCBS Take Another Look at Kennedys bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/103 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10321 Nov 12 12:11:00 CBS Take Another Look at Kennedys bookClassic Driver love The Kennedyshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/141 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14107 Aug 13 12:08:00 Classic Driver love The Kennedys.Classic Driver review Kennedyshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/92 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9207 Sep 12 12:09:00 Classic Driver reviews Kennedys book.Creative review look at Separate Cinemahttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/184 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/18415 Oct 14 12:10:00 Creative Review take an in-depth look at Separate Cinema.Daily Beast enjoy Hollywood Boundhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/104 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10421 Nov 12 12:11:00 Daily Beast enjoy Hollywood BoundDaily Mail review Dennis Stock boook.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/155 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15520 Nov 13 12:11:00 "Includes some of the late snapper's most striking images." The Daily Mail take a look inside Dennis Stock: American Cool.Daily Mail review Mario Casillihttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/157 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15720 Nov 13 12:11:00 ?Casilli's soft focus, high-gloss vision would come to embody the 1980s American dream. ... His amazing photography is now immortalised in a spectacular coffee table book.? Daily Mail take a look at glitz and glamour in Mario CasilliDaily Mail review Separate Cinemahttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/187 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/18721 Oct 14 12:10:00 ?Part aesthetic, part nostalgic, the posters have deep meaning which crosses generations and transcends ethnicity.? The Daily Mail on Separate Cinema.Daily Mail review Unseen McQueenhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/165 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/16510 Dec 13 12:12:00 "A mesmerizing collection of never-before-seen photographs."The Daily Mail review Feinstein's photographs in Unseen McQueen.El Pais review Bill Gold bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/56 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5604 Jul 11 12:07:00 Stunning review of Bill Gold in Spain's leading paper, El PaisEl Pais review Dennis Stock: American Coolhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/158 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15820 Nov 13 12:11:00 ?Dennis Stock was in love with photography, which is probably why his work remains as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.? El Pais review Dennis Stock: American CoolEl Pais review Hurrell bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/100 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10015 Nov 12 12:11:00 El Pais review Hurrell bookEl Pais review Weddings Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/57 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5712 Jul 11 12:07:00 El Pais review Weddings and Movie Stars in detail.Esquire discusses The Kennedyshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/129 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12911 Jun 13 12:06:00 Esquire discusses The Kennedys and Mark Shaw exhibition at Loewe, PhotoEspana, Madrid.Esquire look at Michael Caine: 1960shttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/138 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13810 Jul 13 12:07:00 Esquire look at Michael Caine: 1960sEsquire rate Reel Art Presshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/93 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9320 Sep 12 12:09:00 Esquire discuss Reel Art PressEsquire take a look at Gil Elvgren's Private Stockhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/132 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13212 Jun 13 12:06:00 Esquire take a look at Gil Elvgren's Private StockEvent magazine looks at Audrey bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/134 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13414 Jun 13 12:06:00 The Mail on Sunday's Event magazine takes a look at Audrey Hepburn in HatsEye of Photography review Vanityhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/186 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/18620 Oct 14 12:10:00 "From portraiture to nudes, each photo Caan takes pulls the viewer into a story or a puzzle of what was existing in the moment it was captured." - Eye of Photography on Vanity.Fashion Foie Gras discusses Weddings Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/45 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/4505 May 11 12:05:00 Leading fashion ?blog, Fashion Foie Gras reacts in wonder to Weddings and Movie Stars.First peak at new R|A|P 2012 Titleshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/79 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7930 May 12 12:05:00 First peak at new R|A|P 2012 Titles.?First peek at new R|A|P limited edition bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/80 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8031 May 12 12:05:00 First peek at new R|A|P limited edition book.Fox News feature sneak peak from Rat Pack.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/28 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/2828 Oct 10 12:10:00 French blog takes a look inside 'The Kennedys'https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/95 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9520 Sep 12 12:09:00 La Journal de la Photographie takes a look inside The Kennedys.French Photography website reviews Weddings Book.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/52 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5208 Jun 11 12:06:00 "Like hidden treasures that idolatrous archeologists would like to discover." Read full review of 'Weddings and Movie Stars' by leading French Photography site.Gay Times review Mario Casillihttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/164 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/16405 Dec 13 12:12:00 "We're not worthy." Gay Times takes a look inside Mario Casilli.Gil Elvgren book in Penthouse Australiahttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/113 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/11321 Jan 13 12:01:00 Gil Elvgren book in Penthouse Australia.GQ review Unseen McQueenhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/150 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15014 Oct 13 12:10:00 Barry Feinstein's stunning photography examined in GQ's article on Steve McQueen.GQ South Africa review Unseen McQueenhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/174 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17406 May 14 12:05:00 Glowing review of Unseen McQueen and Feinstein's stunning photographs in GQ South Africa.GQ.com take a look at 50 Shadeshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/98 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9808 Nov 12 12:11:00 GQ.com take a look at 50 Shades.Grazia review Audrey Hepburn in Hatshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/145 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14509 Sep 13 12:09:00 "One of 2013's must-have coffee-table books." Grazia review Audrey Hepburn in Hats.Grazia review Mario Casillihttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/162 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/16205 Dec 13 12:12:00 ?A beautifully made, unique visual document of the photographer's art.? Grazia review Mario CasilliHarper's Bazaar Spain discuss The Kennedyshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/130 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13011 Jun 13 12:06:00 Harper's Bazaar Spain discuss The Kennedys and Mark ShawHarper's Bazaar Woodstock Coveragehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/178 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17829 Jul 14 12:07:00 Hello! magazine look at Audrey bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/133 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13312 Jun 13 12:06:00 Hello! magazine take a look inside Audrey Hepburn in Hats.Hello! magazine review 50 Shadeshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/102 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10215 Nov 12 12:11:00 Hello! magazine review 50 ShadesHello! magazine review Weddings Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/43 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/4303 May 11 12:05:00 Hello! magazine are enthralled with new book, Weddings and Movie Stars.Hepburn in Hats in Sunday Times Stylehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/124 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12406 Jun 13 12:06:00 Hepburn in Hats in Sunday Times StyleHepburn in Hats in Telegraphhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/123 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12306 Jun 13 12:06:00 Hepburn in Hats in TelegraphHollywood and The Ivy Look: pre-order now.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/60 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6007 Sep 11 12:09:00 Hollywood and The Ivy Look now available to pre-order.Hollywood Reporter review Mario Casillihttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/170 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17007 Feb 14 12:02:00 The Hollywood Reporter review Mario Casilli book.Hollywood's Greatest Poster Designer reveals allhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/48 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/4817 May 11 12:05:00 The Hollywood Reporter interview Bill Gold about his favourite poster designs and his new book, Bill Gold: PosterWorks.Huffington Post review Mario Casillihttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/167 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/16716 Dec 13 12:12:00 "This explosion of Eighties high camp and glamour features a collection of Casilli's finest work." The Huffington Post takes a look at some of the images inside Mario Casilli.Huffington Post review Woodstockhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/198 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19825 Nov 14 12:11:00 "Woodstock is beautifully printed, with rich blacks and lush gold tone". Huffington Post take a look inside Woodstock, the book.Huffington Post take a look at Billy Namehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/200 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/20012 Dec 14 12:12:00 Billy Name's photographs and his central role in Warhol's Factory are discussed in The Huffington Post.Hunter Barnes Opening Night photographshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/110 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/11017 Dec 12 12:12:00 Hunter Barnes Exhibition - Opening Night photographsHURRELL AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER NOWhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/81 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8111 Jul 12 12:07:00 HURRELL AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER NOW.Hurrell in The Independenthttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/86 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8622 Aug 12 12:08:00 The Independent review 'Hurrell' book.Hypebeast review Ivy Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/68 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6818 Nov 11 12:11:00 Hollywood And The Ivy Look review in Hypebeast.i-D Coverage of Woodstockhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/177 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17729 Jul 14 12:07:00 Independent on Sunday review Dennis Stockhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/168 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/16820 Dec 13 12:12:00 Independent on Sunday's Portfolio section takes a look at Dennis Stock's photographs of the opening of the Guggenheim. From Dennis Stock: American Cool.?Interview magazine look at Art Kanehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/205 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/20505 Jan 15 12:01:00 Jonathan Kane discusses his father Art Kane's innovative work with Interview magazine.iPhotoCentral review Photographershttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/173 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17306 May 14 12:05:00 "This handsome volume stands well apart from most coffee-table photography books." iPhotoCentral on Photographers book.Ivy Look discussed on Robert Elms show tomorrowhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/77 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7704 Apr 12 12:04:00 Ivy Look discussed on Robert Elms show tomorrowIvy Look reviewed in Esquire Spainhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/62 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6201 Nov 11 12:11:00 The Ivy Look is reviewed in Esquire Spain.Ivy reviewed in Esquirehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/76 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7602 Feb 12 12:02:00 Stunning 10-page piece on Ivy book in this month's Esquire.Jim Marshall at Kamakura Shirtshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/306 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/30610 Oct 16 10:10:29 Jim Marshall at Kamakura ShirtsJocks & Nerds recommend Unseen McQueenhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/148 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14830 Sep 13 12:09:00 Jocks & Nerds magazine recommend Unseen McQueen: Barry Feinstein.Kennedy available to pre orderhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/83 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8307 Aug 12 12:08:00 Kennedy available to pre-order now.La Lettre de la Photographie review Ivy bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/69 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6922 Nov 11 12:11:00 Ivy book reviewed in La Lettre de la PhotographieLA Times review Separate Cinemahttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/188 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/18830 Oct 14 12:10:00 "It's a long journey and we try to tell that story visually as well as historically." John Kisch discusses Separate Cinema with LA Times.Leica Society's in-depth review of Photographershttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/146 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14611 Sep 13 12:09:00 Leica Society take an in-depth look at Photographers book.Loewe and The Kennedyshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/126 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12607 Jun 13 12:06:00 Loewe and The KennedysMcQueen book featured in Cent magazinehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/147 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14730 Sep 13 12:09:00 Unseen McQueen: Barry Feinstein is featured and reviewed in Cent magazine.More pics from Billy Name launchhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/196 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19625 Nov 14 12:11:00 See more photographs from the Billy Name launch at Milk Gallery in NY.More pics from Billy Name launchhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/197 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19725 Nov 14 12:11:00 See more photographs from Billy Name launch at Milk Gallery in NY.Movie Posters book in Sunday Telegraphhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/135 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13514 Jun 13 12:06:00 The Sunday Telegraph takes a look at 100 Movie Posters: The Essential Collection.Mr Porter review Photographers bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/112 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/11221 Jan 13 12:01:00 Mr Porter's glowing review of Photographers book.Mr Porter view Unseen McQueenhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/161 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/16105 Dec 13 12:12:00 ?Steve McQueen's style and legacy has never been more relevant.? - Mr Porter review Unseen McQueenMr Porter's Stocking Fillershttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/163 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/16305 Dec 13 12:12:00 Mr Porter's Stocking Fillers recommend Sid Avery: The Art of the Hollywood Snapshot.Mr. Porter review Ivyhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/70 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7029 Nov 11 12:11:00 Mr. Porter review Hollywood And The Ivy Look.New Titles Announcing Soonhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/78 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7809 May 12 12:05:00 Reel Art Press New Titles Announcing SoonNew York Exhib of Hunter Barnes' workhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/109 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10911 Dec 12 12:12:00 New York Exhib of Hunter Barnes' work from 'A Testimony of Serpent Handling'New York magazine review Mario Casillihttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/154 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15419 Nov 13 12:11:00 New York magazine take a first look inside Mario Casilli's new book and at his stunning 80s portraits.New York Times review Photographershttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/116 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/11621 Jan 13 12:01:00 New York Times review PhotographersNew York Times reviews Hollywood Boundhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/120 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12022 Apr 13 12:04:00 The New York Times reviews Hollywood BoundNowness.com review Ivy Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/64 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6414 Nov 11 12:11:00 Full review and slideshow on 'Hollywood And The Ivy Look' on Nowness.comOK! review Kennedyhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/94 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9420 Sep 12 12:09:00 OK! review KennedyPapermag.com features Hurrell bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/82 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8213 Jul 12 12:07:00 Hurrell: The Kobal Collection featured on Papermag.comPEN magazine look at The Kennedyshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/127 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12711 Jun 13 12:06:00 PEN magazine look at The KennedysPenthouse Review Michael Cainehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/139 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13917 Jul 13 12:07:00 Michael Caine: 1960s reviewed by PenthousePhotoEspana present The Kennedys by Mark Shawhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/122 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12206 Jun 13 12:06:00 Loewe and PhotoEspana present The Kennedys by Mark ShawPhotograph Collector reviews Photographers bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/136 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13614 Jun 13 12:06:00 Photograph Collector reviews Photographers bookPhotos from Billy Name Book Signing in NYhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/195 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19525 Nov 14 12:11:00 A few photographs from the Billy Name Book Signing and Exhibition Launch at Milk Gallery, NY, November 11, 2014.Pictures from Ivy Look launch party.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/63 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6314 Nov 11 12:11:00 Photographs from Ivy Launch party at John SImons.Playboy look at new Elvgren bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/114 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/11421 Jan 13 12:01:00 Playboy take a look at new Gil Elvgren book.Port magazine review Ivy Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/67 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6717 Nov 11 12:11:00 Stunning, full review of Hollywood And The Ivy Look in Port magazine for men.Port reviews Hurrell.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/85 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8517 Aug 12 12:08:00 Port reviews new book, Hurrell: The Kobal Collection.Pre-Launch Event for Rat Packhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/27 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/2721 Oct 10 12:10:00 Shawn Levy visits London and spends an evening Q&A at a Pre-Launch Event for Press and Private Members, Soho House, London, October 19th.Press praise for Weddings and Movie Starshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/42 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/4214 Apr 11 12:04:00 Great press reviews for Weddings and Movie Stars have begun. First articles in Harper's Bazaar and Grazia.RAP Launch Party Picshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/33 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/3330 Nov 10 12:11:00 View pics from Reel Art Press Launch Event at The Reel Poster Gallery, Nov 11, 2010RAP uses traditional letterpress techniqueshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/26 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/2605 Oct 10 12:10:00 Bill Gold's letter is printed using the finest, traditional letterpress techniques.Rat Pack at Milk Galleryhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/59 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5921 Jul 11 12:07:00 Fantastic photographic video of Rat Pack launch at Milk GalleryRat Pack discussed in Esquirehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/125 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12506 Jun 13 12:06:00 Rat Pack discussed in EsquireRat Pack Exhibition in New York and Chicagohttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/149 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14930 Sep 13 12:09:00 Paul Stuart and R|A|P present stunning exhibition of Rat Pack photography in New York and Chicago. Not to be missed. A must-see showRat Pack Exhibition of Photographs in New Yorkhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/39 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/3916 Feb 11 12:02:00 16th-28th March, Rat Pack Photography Exhibition in New York. The majority of the images are previously unseen and have never before been available for purchase.Reel Art Press prides itself in its exceptional tastehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/304 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/30428 Sep 16 10:09:40 Reel Art Press prides itself in its exceptional tasteRolling Stone feature Art Kanehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/213 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/21319 Jan 15 12:01:00 Sabotage Times look at 50 Shadeshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/101 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10115 Nov 12 12:11:00 Sabotage Times look at 50 ShadesSabotage Times look at Hollywood Boundhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/107 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10728 Nov 12 12:11:00 Sabotage Times take a look inside Hollywood BoundSabotage Times looks at Hepburn in Hatshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/137 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13720 Jun 13 12:06:00 Sabotage Times looks at Audrey Hepburn in HatsSabotage Times review Ivy Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/66 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6616 Nov 11 12:11:00 Sabotage Times review Hollywood And The Ivy Look with accompanying slideshow of images.Sabotage Times review Weddings Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/44 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/4404 May 11 12:05:00 Stunning slideshow of images from Weddings and Movie Stars now available to view on Sabotage Times site.Sabotage Times take a look at 100 Movie Postershttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/142 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14207 Aug 13 12:08:00 Sabotage Times take a look at 100 Movie PostersScott Caan discusses Vanity with Daily Mailhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/183 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/18314 Oct 14 12:10:00 Scott Caan discusses the photographs and subject matter of his new book, Vanity.Separate Cinema one of best art books of 2014https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/199 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19912 Dec 14 12:12:00 Separate Cinema in top 20 Best Art Books of 2014 by Huffington Post.Sharp Mag review Ivy Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/75 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7517 Jan 12 12:01:00 'A lesson on how men used to dress'. Sharp review Hollywood And The Ivy Look.Shortlist review 50 Shadeshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/99 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9908 Nov 12 12:11:00 Shortlist takes a peak at 50 ShadesShortList review Separate Cinemahttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/185 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/18520 Oct 14 12:10:00 "Seriously, go get yourself a copy. Your coffee table will thank you." - ?ShortList take a look at Separate Cinema.Sid Avery book signinghttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/111 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/11117 Dec 12 12:12:00 Sid Avery book signing with author Ron Avery.Sid Avery Exhibition Openinghttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/180 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/18015 Sep 14 12:09:00 Sid Avery in Harper's Bazaar Spainhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/118 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/11822 Apr 13 12:04:00 Sid Avery in Harper's Bazaar SpainSid Avery in Mr Porterhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/117 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/11729 Jan 13 12:01:00 Mr Porter admire Sid Avery book.Sid Avery in The Telegraphhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/128 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12811 Jun 13 12:06:00 Sid Avery in The TelegraphSid Avery on Ocean's 11https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/97 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/9706 Nov 12 12:11:00 Sid Avery discusses Ocean's 11Sight & Sound review Separate Cinemahttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/189 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/18931 Oct 14 12:10:00 "A dazzling new book from Reel Art Press." Sight and Sound take a look at Separate Cinema.Spanish Huffington Post review Casillihttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/153 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15319 Nov 13 12:11:00 Take a look at Huffington Post Spain's review of Mario CasilliThe Atlantic review Hurrellhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/106 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10628 Nov 12 12:11:00 The Atlantic take an in-depth look at HurrellThe Guardian article on Woodstockhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/176 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17629 Jul 14 12:07:00 The Guardian look at Art Kanehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/201 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/20112 Dec 14 12:12:00 The Guardian take a look at Art Kane's photographs of 60s music greats.The Guardian review Dennis Stockhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/166 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/16610 Dec 13 12:12:00 "The photographer who made America cool." The Guardian take a look inside Dennis Stock: American Cool.The Guardian review Ivy bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/71 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7109 Dec 11 12:12:00 The Guardian's fashion team review Hollywood And The Ivy LookThe Herald looks at 100 Movie Postershttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/144 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14413 Aug 13 12:08:00 The Herald reviews 100 Movie Posters: The Essential Collection.The Hollywood Reporter reviews Bill Goldhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/47 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/4713 May 11 12:05:00 Stunning review in The Hollywood Reporter on Bill Gold's stunning career and his new book, Bill Gold: PosterWorks.The Independent looks at 50 Shadeshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/108 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/10828 Nov 12 12:11:00 The Independent review 50 Shades.The Independent review Hollywood And The Ivy Lookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/65 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6515 Nov 11 12:11:00 The Independent review Hollywood And The Ivy Look. 'Suave, sophisticated and effortlessly stylish.'The Independent review Weddings Book.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/50 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5006 Jun 11 12:06:00 Great review of 'Weddings and Movie Stars' featured in last week's Independent.The Kennedys at Photoespanahttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/121 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/12124 May 13 12:05:00 The Kennedys book discussed in El Pais re. upcoming Spanish exhibitionThe Observer review Separate Cinemahttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/182 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/18213 Oct 14 12:10:00 Sarfraz Manzoor reviews Separate Cinema for The Observer.The RAP Team 2014https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/202 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/20212 Dec 14 12:12:00 Photograph of some of the key collaborators with RAP this year.The Rat Pack at Soho House, NYhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/35 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/3521 Dec 10 12:12:00 The Rat Pack, Soho House Launch in New York. December 7th, 2010.The Rat Pack Soho House Launch Slideshowhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/37 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/3723 Dec 10 12:12:00 Slideshow from Reel Art Press launch event for The Rat Pack at Soho House, NYThe Row discuss Ivy bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/72 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7214 Dec 11 12:12:00 The Row invite Graham Marsh to discuss the Ivy Look and black knitted ties.The Telegraph look at Unseen McQueenhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/159 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15920 Nov 13 12:11:00 ?A brilliant documentary photographer with the eye of a fine artist."?The Telegraph take an in-depth look at Unseen McQueen.The Telegraph review Hurrell book.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/84 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8414 Aug 12 12:08:00 The Sunday Telegraph reviews 'Hurrell: The Kobal Collection'.The Telegraph review Mario Casillihttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/152 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15219 Nov 13 12:11:00 The big, brash and beautiful stars of 80s are captured by Mario Casilli and reviewed in The TelegraphThe Times exclusive first look at The Kennedys https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/88 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8828 Aug 12 12:08:00 The Times take an exclusive first look at The Kennedys book.The Wall Street Journal review Weddings Book.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/54 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5427 Jun 11 12:06:00 Fantastic review of Weddings and Movie Stars in The Wall Street Journal.Town & Country review Weddings Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/61 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/6111 Oct 11 12:10:00 Town & Country feature glorious double-page spread on Weddings Book.Uncut magazine review Woodstockhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/207 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/20711 Jan 15 12:01:00 ?A human, intimate perspective on a seismic countercultural event." Uncut magazine take a look at Woodstock book.V Magazine interview Billy Namehttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/193 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/19313 Nov 14 12:11:00 "Billy managed to capture in his photographs the essence of what the Silver Factory felt like." V Magazine interview Billy Name.Vanity Fair celebrate Sid Averyhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/171 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17107 Feb 14 12:02:00 Vanity Fair's eagerly-awaited '20th Annual Hollywood Issue', features a 10-page spread dedicated to Sid Avery's stunning photography.Video flick through of Ivy Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/73 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7306 Jan 12 12:01:00 Have a virtual flick-through 'Hollywood And The Ivy Look'.Video of Paul Stuart Rat Pack Launchhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/151 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15122 Oct 13 12:10:00 Watch a celebration of The Rat Pack at exhibition and book launch at Paul Stuart, New York.Vogue blogs about Weddings Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/55 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5528 Jun 11 12:06:00 Vogue.com blogs their excitement about Weddings and Movie Stars.Vogue Fashion Night Out with Kennedyshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/89 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8903 Sep 12 12:09:00 Vogue Fashion Night Out with KennedysWall Street Journal advance review McQueen bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/143 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14309 Aug 13 12:08:00 Wall Street Journal recommend Unseen McQueen: Barry Feinstein in an advance review.Wall Street Journal recommend Dennis Stockhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/156 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/15620 Nov 13 12:11:00 "He wanted to capture the human essence, had no interest in the obvious, and most of all, he hated condescension." The Wall Street Journal recommend Dennis Stock: American Cool.Wall Street Journal review Ivy Bookhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/74 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/7409 Jan 12 12:01:00 The Wall Street Journal's 'Bookshelf' review Hollywood and the Ivy Look'.Watch video of RAP founder discuss Kennedyshttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/131 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/13111 Jun 13 12:06:00 Watch video of R|A|P's founder, Tony Nourmand, discuss The Kennedys and Mark Shaw.Weddings book discussed in The Scotsman.https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/51 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5107 Jun 11 12:06:00 Weddings and Movie Stars discussed and admired at length in The Scotsman magazine.Weddings Book in Elle Decorhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/58 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/5814 Jul 11 12:07:00 Elle Decor reviews Weddings and Movie Stars.Who said reading was boring?https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/140 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/14007 Aug 13 12:08:00 Who said reading was boring? Hollywood Bound is delved into by Classic Driver.Woodstock by Baron Wolmanhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/179 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/17913 Aug 14 12:08:00 WSJ review Hurrellhttps://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/87 https://www.reelartpress.com/news/newsitem/8728 Aug 12 12:08:00 Hurrell featured in The Wall Street Journal