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Total Excess: Photographs by Michael Zagaris

100 Movie Posters

“Michael Zagaris has had an interesting trip, to say the least.”

14 Nov, 2016

Kenneth Bachor

“lays bare the era when, he says, the music of Bowie, Dylan, Joplin, Iggy, Blondie and Zeppelin, 'deeply mattered'”

10 Nov, 2016


“His work as a photojournalist documents a wild time in music history, one that makes today’s antics seem rather tame in comparison.”

07 Nov, 2016

Charlotte DeGrazio

“My problem is that I've always wanted every day of my life to be a high. By which I mean the kind of natural high you get from a James Brown concert”

07 Nov, 2016

Michael Zagaris

“Michael Zagaris has always been close to the action – sometimes terrifyingly so.”

06 Nov, 2016

Adrian Deevoy

“The unedited and unbelievable story of a man who lived his life unashamed.”

04 Nov, 2016

Bronwen Latimer