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100 Movie Posters

“The people depicted here have managed to hold on to what makes them special. They are exuberantly out of the mainstream...”

04 May, 2016

Tom Seymour

“I feel like everyone says all these people are so different and what I've learned is, no, not really... We've got the same kind of desires in life and the same kind of feelings.”

28 Oct, 2015

Jeanette D. Moses

“Named as an American Photo Photobook of the Year”

11 Dec, 2015


“Barnes gained unprecedented access to people living alternative lives.”

21 Oct, 2015

Hendrik Ternieden

“Hunter Barnes has spent a decade photographing groups that determinedly reject mainstream life”

08 Oct, 2015

“"Romantic yet thoroughly badass photography"”

06 Oct, 2015

Kurt McVey

“Barnes feels these rednecks, bikers, gang members, and pastors are misrepresented. So his encounters happen organically, allowing the subjects to just be themselves.”

06 Aug, 2015

Jared Harrell