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Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band 1975

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“Pyle's photographs show the birth of the Boss at a decisive moment when American rock and roll gained a new voice, born to reign.”

08 Dec, 2015

Carol Strickland

“It is the journalistic nature of the photography that is compelling.”

18 Nov, 2015


“Pyle's new book showcases a wealth of super-rare photos from the pivotal year”

27 Oct, 2015

Andy Greene

“Many of the negatives were lost or destroyed... The book would never have come to pass had Pyle not fanatically printed photographs decades ago.”

28 Oct, 2015

Eliza Berman

“They jokingly started calling me their 'official unofficial photographer'”

28 Sep, 2015

Jacob Brookman

“Barbara has a photojournalist's eye and each image is perfectly caught.”

21 Sep, 2015


“Springsteen said in an interview later in 1975 that Pyle's image should have ran as the album's cover art, instead of Eric Meola's famed black-and-white, of The Boss grinning and leaning on Clemons...”

20 Aug, 2015

Bobby Olivier

“(Pyle's) pictures became a record of the last time it was just Bruce and the band, freewheeling their way to the next show.”

22 Aug, 2015

James Jackson