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100 Movie Posters

“This isn't just another book about Studio 54.”

01 Mar, 2016


“This stunning coffee table edition celebrates the heart of the disco movement.”

04 Jan, 2016


“You could walk into a disco and become a star, even if you weren't outside.”

03 Dec, 2015

Lynette Nylander

“[The club]'s reputation was somewhere between Sodom and Gomorrah.”

23 Nov, 2015

Stephanie Eckardt

“These shots capture the very essence of what going out was, is, and should be, all about.”

20 Nov, 2015

James Hillard

“Bernstein's new photo book charts the rise and fall of disco as a crucial moment in history, and the impact the movement had on New York clubland”

16 Nov, 2015

Amelia Abraham

“This stunning coffee table edition celebrates the heart of the disco movement”

16 Nov, 2015


“Cross-dressing, gender-bending and plain old straight sex were a pretty common sight.”

04 Nov, 2015

Liv Siddal

“A look into a progressive past that foretold the diverse dance scenes that have only reemerged in the last decade”

03 Nov, 2015

Claire Lobenfeld

“Bill Bernstein: 'I always left feeling high - I can't tell if it was just the pounding music, the light show, or the smell'”

03 Nov, 2015

Holly Williams

“The mix of humanity that started coming though the door, the way they dressed, the way they walked and talked and posed, it was like, suddenly, I wasn't going home early.”

26 Sep, 2015

Sean O'Hagan