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Billy Name: The Silver Age

100 Movie Posters

“The book has a powerful feeling of a documentary, of being in the moment with Warhol and his band of artists as they created their own countercultural universe.”

02 Sep, 2016

Matthew Hayes

“Gregory Barker speaks to Billy Name of Factory fame about why it still captivates us. ”

26 Oct, 2015

Gregory Barker

“Maybe. Maybe. I know I resolved that I was going to leave because I was saturated by the Factory, I was saturated by silver. I was just saturated.”

26 Sep, 2015

Sean O'Hagan

“One day Ondine gave Billy some amphetamines. Billy recalled, 'All of a sudden I had energy to get up off the floor and start doing things.'”

23 Sep, 2015

Maisie Skidmore/Billy Name

“The claim that Name's new book, The Silver Age, is the most revealing collection of photographs of the 20th century's most divisive artist is entirely convincing.”

07 May, 2015

Nick Duerden

“Name's high-contrast images, which have been gathered for a new book, are now a form of 1960s iconography. A reminder of the druggy, space-age future that was in the air in a certain corner of New York at the time. A future that is long behind us.”

13 Dec, 2014


“This book really is stunning. It's beautiful. You can go back to it again and again and really immerse yourself in, and really be dazzled by this guy's talent”

11 Dec, 2014

The Culture Studio

“Not only do Name's gritty, over-exposed shots give an insider's perspective on Warhol, but they document an iconic era in American art history.”

10 Dec, 2014

Erin Whitney

“Billy was responsible for the silver at the Factory. He covered the crumbling walls and the pipes in different grades of silver foil... He bought cans of silver paint and sprayed everything with it, right down to the toilet bowl. Why he loved silver so much I don't know. But it was great, it was the perfect time to think silver. Silver was the future, it was spacey. - Andy Warhol”

12 Nov, 2014


“It is the unique combination of Billy's particular approach towards photography ... that sets his photographs apart from others taken at the time. He managed to capture in his photographs the essence of what the Silver Factory felt like.”

10 Nov, 2014

Tania Farouki

“I think of Billy as being Andy's equal - the great unsung artist and behind-the-scenes magician of the scene. ... Billy was the negative Andy was peeled from.”

09 Nov, 2014

Glenn O'Brien

“The Warhol Collaborator Billy Name on Andy, Photography and the Afterlife”

06 Nov, 2014

Kurt McVey