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Art Kane

100 Movie Posters

“A major monograph celebrating the great postwar photographer Art Kane, it presents, in one gorgeous volume, the first truly cumulative collection of Kane's genre-bending works in rock and roll, fashion, advertising and fine art.”

15 May, 2015

Tyler Hubby

“He was one of the true masters of 20th-century photography, whose visionary images have influenced the social conscience of many generations, leaving a mark on the world's culture.”

21 May, 2015


“The pages of Square Mile have been graced by some truly great photographers lately... none of them can lay claim to a body of work as expansive and eclectic as that of the late, great Art Kane.”

20 Apr, 2015


“Reel Art Press was the first publisher who agreed with our vision not to break a book up into categories or genres but rather to create a comprehensive overview of Art Kane's vast body of work.”

14 Apr, 2015

Tom Semioli

“It had been a crazy idea to think that 57 of the biggest names in jazz would convene on one Harlem stoop, and at 10:00 in the morning, to boot. But they came. And Kane's career as a photographer was on.”

06 Feb, 2015

Eliza Berman

“One of the most imitated photographers of the twentieth century.”

27 Jan, 2015

Andrew Male

“"When Art Kane took our picture, he told us, 'Go there, do this, do that, be asleep, put your head on his shoulder,'" Pete Townshend said of the iconic 1968 photo of the Who asleep under a Union Jack. 'We like that kind of direction."”

16 Jan, 2015


“Excellent guide to the photographer's ebullient music and fashion work.”

01 Feb, 2015

Lois Wilson

“From the late '50s to the middle '80s you virtually could not open a magazine without finding Art Kane's byline, but what he did not do was make books...”

15 Dec, 2014

Emily McDermott

“Art Kane was a pioneer of conceptual photography ... He was the most rock'n'roll out of a group of elite postwar photographers. He was constantly looking to push the boundaries of his work.”

06 Dec, 2014

Kathryn Bromwich