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Unseen McQueen: Barry Feinstein

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“Steve Mcqueen German Feature”

01 May, 2015

Christian Krug

“Feinstein was able to capture an intimate view of McQueen that shows an unusual warmth to the usually ice-cool actor, while proving once again that McQueen's detached, thoughtful persona was more fact than film fiction.”

01 May, 2014

Cayleigh Bright

“A mesmerizing collection of never-before-seen photographs.”

10 Dec, 2013

Helen Pow

“Steve McQueen's style and legacy has never been more relevant.”

03 Dec, 2013

Mansel Fletcher

“A brilliant documentary photographer with the eye of a fine artist, Barry would work almost unnoticed and be at the centre of the action for the vital moment, knowing exactly when to press the shutter and more importantly, as he said himself, 'knowing when not to'”

18 Nov, 2013

Dave Brolan

“It seems almost absurd to think that any photographer could be behind a collection called simply Unseen McQueen. But then, Barry Feinstein was never just an ordinary photographer.”

01 Oct, 2013

Paul Henderson

“This book, lovingly crafted by bespoke publishers Reel Art Press ... will delight all those McQueen fans and completists out there.”

30 Sep, 2013


“McQueen's daredevil, thrill-seeking mantra of 'I love for myself and I answer to nobody' is captured most uniquely and genuinely by Barry Feinstein.”

24 Sep, 2013

Carrie Lau

“We always suspected Steve McQueen was as cool in his private life as he was on screen, and now there are photographs to prove it.”

09 Aug, 2013

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