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Hurrell: The Kobal Collection

100 Movie Posters

“It's unreal, but it's utterly convincing: Hurrell in a nutshell.”

27 Nov, 2012

Michaelangelo Matos

“His images are icons of the Golden Age of cinema”

14 Oct, 2012

Toni Garcia

“Thanks to the high-quality prints used in this edition, you can look at a close-up of Crawford and count each outlandish eyelash that casts a shadow across her sculpted cheeks; distinguish individual follicles in Bogart's famous stubble; even discern the marbled opalescent texture of Jimmy Stewart's pupils as he gazes off the page.”

24 Aug, 2012

David Propson

“George Hurrell gave the Golden Age of Hollywood its glossy sheen and soft-focus seductiveness.”

22 Aug, 2012

Matilda Battersby

“Few photographers truly manage to capture a zeitgeist - fewer still create one ... A fascinating visual commentary on Hollywood at its peak.”

16 Aug, 2012

Betty Wood

“As the foremost portrait photographer in Hollywood, he gave its stars their sheen of grace and mystery.”

14 Aug, 2012

Lucy Davies

“Stunning images”

12 Jul, 2012

Abby Schreiber