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The Kennedys: Photographs by Mark Shaw

100 Movie Posters

“Watch video of R|A|P's Tony Nourmand discussing The Kennedys”

10 Jun, 2013

Isabel Espino

“The twilight of an age of glamour and power”

03 Jun, 2013

Arancha Gamo

“Shaw's photos have a warm intimacy rarely seen.”

06 Jun, 2013

Adriana Herreros

“JFK's charisma captivated the hearts of these two creative men (Mark Shaw and Tony Nourmand).”

01 Feb, 2013

Michiko Kagawa

“If JFK remains an icon it is in some large part because of Mark Shaw, who was able to capture his young, fun and vibrant spirit.”

19 May, 2013

Toni Garcia

“Never-before-seen Kennedy family photographs”

21 Nov, 2012


“Extraordinary photos....beautifully done.”

19 Sep, 2012

This Morning

“So many unseen images in this stunning book capture Jacqueline Kennedy carefree, barefoot, laughing and playing on the beach or in the house with her children.”

20 Sep, 2012


“Photographer Mark Shaw captured who the family really were away from the public eye”

11 Sep, 2012

Nick Boulos

“A captivating and unstaged portrait of America's most loved First Family, capturing the glitter and glamour, as well as the affectionate personal moments.”

07 Sep, 2012

Laura Leivo

“Tony Nourmand discusses the Kennedys book on the BBC's 'The Strand'.”

05 Sep, 2012

The Strand

“The curatorial eye of Tony Nourmand is expertly applied and the printing is the top notch quality that always distinguishes a R|A|P publication.”

04 Sep, 2012

The editors

“The most stunning thing about Shaw's photographs is the degree of intimacy emanating from them.”

25 Aug, 2012

Tim Teeman