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Bill Gold: PosterWorks

100 Movie Posters

“The invisible genius of Hollywood”

03 Jul, 2011

Toni Garcia

“Think of a Hollywood movie and chances are the image in your head was created by Bill Gold.”

11 Jun, 2011

Matt Weiner

“The greatest poster designer in Hollywood history.”

12 May, 2011

Alex Ben Block

“No one writing Eastwood's biography in future could afford to ignore this book.”

23 Apr, 2011

Bevis Hillier

“***** Five Stars”

01 Feb, 2011

Simon Kinnear

“Clint said, "I would love you to do a campaign for me on 'Dirty Harry.'" When I delivered the campaign for him a couple of weeks later he said, "Don't change a thing."”

31 Dec, 2010

Susan King

“Bill Gold book featured in leading German magazine”

21 Dec, 2010

Jens Hinrichsen

“Mr. Gold struck that tricky balance between art and commerce, creating works that won design-world plaudits and enticed audiences to buy tickets.”

05 Dec, 2010

Mekado Murphy

“Gold has a special ability for reading the trends and atmosphere of the times.”

15 Nov, 2010

“Make my day...with a poster”

16 Nov, 2010

Clint Eastwood

“What's remarkable is the range of styles he used in creating numerous iconic works.”

12 Nov, 2010

Graham Fuller

“Clint Eastwood Reveals His Movie Idol: Meet Bill Gold”

11 Nov, 2010

“Gold's posters have an ability to capture a whole film in just one image.”

11 Nov, 2010

Lucia Davies

“The Mad Man of movie posters.”

07 Nov, 2010

Horatia Harrod