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The 2001 File: Signed Edition

100 Movie Posters

“The 2001 File illustrates that even with a prodigious polymath auteur like Kubrick in charge, cinema is a collective creative endeavor.”

01 Oct, 2016

Isabel Stevens

“The book flows with simple designs before revealing increasingly more elaborate renderings”

08 Feb, 2016

Kevin H. Martin

“For fans of the movie, The 2001 File is like a kind of dream.”

03 May, 2016


“From the Newspad to a multi-channel media – what 2001: A Space Odyssey got right about our future.”

18 Mar, 2016

Mark Sinclair

“As the book reveals, it was the work of a NASA illustrator which kept Stanley Kubrick's film rooted in science-fact, making it both more believable and more beautiful along the way.”

16 Mar, 2016

Mark Sinclair

“The cult of Kubrick will be in heaven here.”

10 Dec, 2015

Will Salmon

“Testifies to the perfectionism of Kubrick's approach.”

07 Dec, 2015

Tim Robey

“A lesson for all who are interested in film design”

01 Feb, 2016

Geoff Willmetts

“Beautifully presented, Frayling's book offers an exhaustive examination of the making of 2001.”

08 Jan, 2016

Eliza Williams

“If any man could claim to have imagined the future it would probably be Harry Lange.”

14 Dec, 2015