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Johnny Cash at Folsom and San Quentin

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“Dirk Schneider in conversation with Mathias Mauersberger”

15 Aug, 2018


“In the late ’60s, Johnny Cash delivered two indelible performances at Folsom and San Quentin prisons in California. The images of those concerts are as memorable as the music.”

06 Jul, 2018

Malcolm Jones

“When Johnny Cash walked into Folsom Prison in California to record a live album in front of the inmates, his career was crumbling and his personal life was in ruins. By the end of that day, he was on his way to becoming an outlaw legend of American music.”

23 Jun, 2018

Scott B Bomar

“The photographs were taken by legendary photographer Jim Marshall and the book was compiled after the publisher was given unfettered access to Marshall’s archive of images.”

30 May, 2018


“I think the prisoners really appreciated that Cash was there for them, and he really believed that he was doing something right - Jim Marshall”

16 Apr, 2018