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David Hurn: Arizona Trips

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“Known for his photographs depicting normal people in their everyday lives, as opposed to famous faces or typical shocking news imagery, David was drawn to the day-to-day lives of Arizonians.”

28 Nov, 2017

Jenny Brewer

“Cowboys, cacti, Dolly Parton”

13 Dec, 2017

Francesca Street

“With the whole country to choose from, he opted to focus on Arizona, where he was drawn to its festivals and social gatherings. ”

06 Dec, 2017


“Photography has all sorts of genres . . . but one of the things that I think it does better than anything else is to record life as it is.”

11 Dec, 2017

Diane Smyth

“Hurn is repeatedly drawn to gatherings of people "because they ussualy have fun, they're not watching telly"”

07 Nov, 2017