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LGBT: San Francisco

100 Movie Posters

“Daniel Nicoletta’s collection of photographs relives and revives the passion of four decades of the LGBT rights movement.”

18 Jul, 2017

Daniel Reynolds

“Since his stint at Castro Camera, Nicoletta has captured a whirlwind of images throughout 40 years of the LGBT-rights movement, from the campaign that brought Milk into office to the film that told his story. ”

27 Jun, 2017

Danielle Cohen

“Daniel Nicoletta's photobook is the ultimate celebration of LGBTQ pride from history to present day”

19 Jun, 2017


“A captivating tome of photographs”

21 Jun, 2017

Ian David Monroe

“The thing that I would like to pass down to the next generation is a sense of hope, just like Harvey did.”

06 Jun, 2017

Sam Whiting

“Walking through Daniel Nicoletta’s Castro neighborhood in the 1970s, it was hard not be overwhelmed by the constant love on display.”

17 Jun, 2017

Forrest Hanson

“A remarkable, transfixing record of the gay, lesbian, and trans communities from the very early 1970s to today.”

16 Jun, 2017

Mark Holgate

“Rather than simply putting together a nostalgic piece, these pictures show that the journey is not over.”

17 Jun, 2017

Gabriel H. Sanchez

“A joyous, poignant and occasionally sombre record of the city’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people, taken from an extraordinary archive.”

28 Jun, 2017

Chitra Ramaswamy