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Tony Nourmand was the valuations specialist at Christie's auction house and owner of one of the world’s most famous galleries specialising in original film posters. To his credit, amongst others, is the sale of the Metropolis poster to an American collector, which was the most expensive poster ever sold, and the publication of more than 50 books related to cinema. Still, Nourmand decided he'd had enough and founded his own luxury book publisher: Reel Art Press. His first book, dedicated to the immense figure of Bill Gold (cinematographic poster designer), made ??clear his intentions: the cheapest version cost 800 euros and included six exclusive poster reproductions by Gold that never saw the light. The book was not – obviously – a commercial blockbuster, but with good sales, was added a major plus: the list of client names like Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg or JJ Abrams bought one or more volumes  - a success repeated with Reel Art Press’s next book, which was devoted to the Rat Pack. Now Reel Art Press is a publishing cult in Japan and the U.S., and one of the most praised by fans of books … and movies. 

Esquire Spain

01 Sep, 2012

Toni Garcia