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The TGGG Christmas Stocking: Hollywood and the Ivy Look

Christmas is around the corner, why not treat yourself for once? You've worked hard and persevered through personal and professional challenges. Why not give yourself a little pat on the back with a tasty holiday present. I consider treating the mind body and soul kindly once in awhile; taking care of your whole self, which can help spread your holiday light to others.

With that in mind, from Reel Art Press comes one of the most beautiful coffee table books created to highlight mens' fashion that I've ever seen.

'Hollywood and the Ivy Look' is over 250 pages of vintage photography focusing on the preppy style preferred by a majority of the world's leading film stars. From Steve McQueen to Woody Allen, this tome is packed with rich technicolor and crisp black and white images that capture a bygone era, but a style that continues to survive and thrive.

It's a very comprehensive book, broken out into themed chapters: The Players, The Movies, Television, Music Class, Director's Cut, Steppin' Out and a source guide that gives you great information on retailers, clothing makers and websites that can assist you in enhancing your Ivy League interests.

'Hollywood and the Ivy Look' can be enjoyed in several ways. The photography alone is worth the price of admission, but if that's not enough, the brief but to the point essays flesh out both the characters featured in the photos while providing smart insight into the era of the 50s and 60s, when the look was at its Hollywood peak.

Author Tony Nourmand created this unique publishing company after a long and well respected career as one of the world's foremost collector's of entertainment related imagery. He has published a variety of books (James Bond Movie Posters, Audrey Hepburn: The Paramount Years among others) that are generally considered reference guides for their respective genres. Reel Art Press has an outstanding selection of books that celebrate the visual artistry of film. Their website is well worth your time. You'll likely come out a bit poorer but pleased!

Co-author Graham Marsh is an illustrator and writer, as well as Art Director for Reel Art Press. In addition to his own books, (The Cover Art of Blue Note Records, California Cool and more), Graham has also co-authored and art directed a number of books on movie posters with Tony Nourmand.

Both gentlemen clearly have a passion and appreciation for the history and timelessness of Hollywood and continue to find new ways to share their love with an appreciative audience. I'm very interested to see how they'll top this book, as it's an immediate classic in its field.

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07 Dec, 2011

Michael Stradford