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If you discovered a sealed box full of undeveloped films with the warning 'Do not print' emblazoned across it, what would you do with it? The obvious temptation would be to ignore the message. Especially if you knew the rolls contained never-before-seen pictures of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr in their prime.

So, in the ‘do whatever they wanted to’ spirit of the Rat Pack, when film historian Tony Nourmand unearthed such a box, that’s exactly what he did. New book, The Rat Pack, is the result.

The collection, which includes unseen snaps by various photographers, shows the iconic gang behind closed doors, partying at Vegas casinos and Miami restaurants, and laughing at antics such as Sinatra whipping a tablecloth off a table, launching crockery into the air in the mid-Sixties.

The book is published in a limited run of 2,250 copies, retailing at £400 apiece. That’s a decent profit margin based on the price of developing some old films.

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14 Oct, 2010 Jonathan Pile