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The Epitome of Cool

Frank Sinatra’s legendary clique defined life in the fast lane throughout the late ‘50s, and next month a lavishly illustrated Rat Pack retrospective will be released.

A select group of photographers, including Sid Avery and Bob Willoughby, captured the Rat Pack in their heyday. Many of the images they produced have been largely stored away, many even undeveloped. For the first time, access to these shots has been made possible, to produce one deluxe 450-page collector’s edition.

The Rat Pack is the definitive book on Frank, Dean, Sammy and co. tearing up Hollywood and Las Vegas, with an extended cast including Marilyn Monroe and JFK. Fifty years on from the year many refer to as the Year of the Rat Pack, 1960, and their influence endures. Shooting Oceans 11 by day, performing at the Sands by night, and sweating out the sour mash in the sauna in between, this coffee table book includes behind-the-scenes footage at the JFK Presidential inauguration and house parties with Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe.

This numbered print run of just 2,250 is the first collectable photographic book on the men whose appeal transcends generations, and who remain the epitome of cool.

01 Sep, 2010