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Hunter Barnes is the kind of artist you'd be dealing with if you were to merge Jack Kerouac's beat poet thirst for the road with the early 20th Century photographer Edward S. Curtis' obsessive drive to document marginalized communities across the great expanse of the American landscape. Roadbook, a romantic yet thoroughly badass photography exhibition opening at Milk Gallery on October 7th, will feature intimate portraits of the men and women who welcomed Barnes into their homes, prison yards, biker gangs, backwoods serpent handler churches, low rider whips, and even sweat lodges, as was the case when the humble photographer embedded himself with the "Dreamers" of the Nez Perce tribe for four months before snapping a single shot. Roadbook, the exhibit, will coincide with the release of a limited edition book of the same name, courtesy of Reel Art Press -- preview images from both the book and the exhibit with captions provided by Barnes, below.

Roadbook runs at Milk Gallery from October 7th-November 1st
06 Oct, 2015 Kurt McVey