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The silver foil was Billy’s idea. Billy Name, that is. Or Billy Linich, as he was before he met Andy Warhol and before he moved into the Factory, decorated the place and became the unofficial photographer to Andy’s waifs and strays; the trannies, the rock stars, the rich girls, the junkies, the show-offs, the Velvet Underground – all the people who made up Warhol’s coterie. “Cameras were as natural to us as mirrors,” Name once said.
“We were children of technology ... It was almost as if the Factory became a big box camera – you’d walk into it, expose yourself and develop yourself.”
Name’s high-contrast images, which have been gathered for a new book, are now a form of 1960s iconography. A reminder of the druggy, space-age future that was in the air in a certain corner of New York at the time. A future that is long behind us.

13 Dec, 2014 Portfolio