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The Eye of Photography

Caan is the son of the actor James Caan, and although he’s mostly known for his own acting work (Ocean’s Eleven, Entourage, Gone in Sixty Seconds), in the last decade Caan has built up a reputation as a truly outstanding photographer. The title of the book certainly nods to his years in the spotlight, but the depth of his work makes it clear that this isn’t ‘a vanity project’ and Caan confidently reclaims the word in full force with this exquisite demonstration of his talent.

‘To me, Vanity was the perfect title. Photography is the one thing I can do where I don’t have to answer to anybody. ... In a sense, it is my selfish way of saying; “these are the photographs that I like” – Scott Caan

Shot exclusively on film, Caan’s photographs are unremorseful and enduring. He crosses intimate dark interiors of late nights in locked Hollywood hotel rooms with stark backdrops of dilapidated urban landscapes in South America - his subjects across both settings often appearing solemn or troubled. And from portraiture to nudes, each photo Caan takes pulls the viewer into a story or a puzzle of what was existing in the moment it was captured.

This edition is designed and edited by the Emmy-award winning Creative Director Howard Nourmand, who introduces Caan’s body of work. Nourmand has produced artwork for countless artists, musicians, and filmmakers and his capacity to mesh film and design has earned him recognition in the world of contemporary storytelling. Foreword by Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo.

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20 Oct, 2014 Editors