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In a career spanning 60 years, Sir Michael Caine has transcended his renown as an actor to become a true cultural icon.

Synonymous with the so-called ‘swinging sixties’, he did some of his best work in that decade, inhabiting the roles of such legendary characters as Harry Palmer (The Ipcress File), Alfie Elkins (Alfie) and Charlie Croker (The Italian Job). With his no-nonsense, laconic delivery, horn-rimmed glasses and sharply cut suits, he epitomised a new class of British cool.

“Michael Caine was the 1960s,” asserts author Graham Marsh in his introduction to the book. “He was living proof of the old cliché, 'right place, right time'! His movies and the women he dated defined the decade. He was dynamic, witty, working class—the perfect sixties man.”

Michael Caine: 1960s is a wealth of rare and never-before-seen photographs capturing Caine’s on-set preparations and incredible off-screen life. In a mixture of candid captured moments and posed publicity shots, he can been seen rubbing shoulders with fellow luminaries such
as Terence Stamp, Roman Polanski, Shelley Winters, Shirley Bassey and Mia Farrow, but there are also more personal moments on display, whether it be Caine taking his mother to a film premiere or enjoying lunch with his brother.

This eye-catching, 128-page hardcover volume contains more than 100 impressive images catching the mood, manner and method of a man as at ease among Hollywood’s rich and famous as he is on the streets of South London.

01 Jul, 2013 Editors