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Hepburn and her hats were a match made in heaven, and for decades she not only graced the silver screen but the cover of every glossy magazine throughout the world, rarely captured without her signature accessory. This new book showcases the best of a great collection.

Enshrined in Hollywood’s golden age is the iconic image of Holly Golightly peering provocatively from beneath the wide saucer brim of her fabulous black Chapeau du Matin, the boa-length pink hatband declaring an unmistakable independence of spirit.

Quintessentially elegant, Hepburn’s status as a global style icon owes as much to an endless assortment of fabulous headwear, as it does to her body of work.

Audrey and her aristocratic mother came to London after WW2 to start a new life and so Audrey could fulfil her dream of becoming a ballerina. Perhaps this is when her love of hats began for legend has it that young Audrey would often customise hats for client’s in her mother’s beauty shop to help pay for ballet lessons. Audrey was too tall and not strong enough to pursue a career in the ballet but she soon found work in musical reviews and eventually in film. Her dancer’s training had given her great poise, elegance and self-discipline; this she had all her life.

Audrey starred in so many great films including Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady and of course Charade, the movie that started the craze for Audrey’s famous pillbox hat, much loved by Jackie Kennedy. Audrey will always be remembered for her incredible hats, they have become part of our cultural heritage and movie folklore.

The world’s most coveted designers flocked to dress Hepburn, whose look redefined glamour, redefined beauty. From Givenchy, Mr. John, Dior, Cecil Beaton and Balenciaga, Hepburn inspired loyalty, set trends and cemented reputations. Creating a hat for Hepburn was to stake your claim in fashion history. At the top of the list was Hubert Givenchy, one of the world’s great designers. Audrey became his muse and their association and friendship lasted a lifetime.

This volume from Reel Art Press includes an entire section dedicated to My Fair Lady and the fabulous Academy Award winning costumes and sculpted hats designed by Sir Cecil Beaton. It features stunning photographs of Audrey Hepburn taken by leading photographers including Dennis Stock, Howell Conant, Terry O’Neill, Bud Fraker and Bob Willoughby, plus insightful accompanying text from fashion writer, June Marsh.

To see a selection of images from the book, click here.

18 Jun, 2013 Books Review