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Hollywood Bound: The History Of Movie Bondage

Hollywood's greatest stars, as you've never seen them before: chained, roped and tied.

With 50 Shades Of Grey becoming the fastest selling paperback of all time, it’s clear that the public can’t get enough of seeing it’s heroes involved in a bit of bondage and now the new photography book “Hollywood Bound” presents some of the most legendary actors and actresses from Tinseltown’s golden age as you have never seen them before – chained, roped and tied.

Featured such screen icons as Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, Cary Grant, Elvis and Woody in some of the most arresting, captivating photos you have ever seen them. Hollywood Bound is intimate essential viewing for golden age cinema fans.

Researched and collated by editor Tony Nourmand and featuring insightful text by author Peter Doggett, Hollywood Bound is a tremendous photographic guide to the history of movie bondage.

To see slideshow of images, click here.

28 Nov, 2012 Sab O'Tage