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100 Movie Posters

El Pais

Clark Gable, Rita Hayworth, Errol Flynn, Veronica Lake ... George Hurrell portrayed the biggest myths of Hollywood. His images are now icons of the golden age of cinema

He was called ‘Grand Seigneur of the Hollywood Portrait’ or ‘The Master of Light’, and many consider him the best movie star portrait photographer to have ever lived. Until now, his memory has been reserved for more nostalgic movie buffs, those who like to dive into the mythology of the golden age of Hollywood. As with other ‘invisible’ legends like Bill Gold, Harry Lange or Sid Avery, his name is not instantly known. Few remember that once upon a time, studios killed to work with George Hurrell.

… So, 35 years after the last book on his work, comes Hurrell: The Kobal Collection, with nearly 300 portraits from the golden age of Hollywood, by Phil Moad and celebrated British publisher Tony Nourmand. … ‘He was the first Hollywood celebrity photographer’ concludes Moad. ‘Many tried to imitate, but none succeeded. With his background as a painter, he learned to use light and shadow to define an era. He helped shape the image of the stars as we know them now. … I hope this book will help to reveal the man who photographed all these actors: we have known Hurrell’s iconic pictures, but we have known nothing of him. It would be nice to change that.’

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14 Oct, 2012 Toni Garcia