Size: 8" (20.16cm) x 10" (25.2cm) Open Edition

David Sutton

Sammy Sings 3

Open Edition
Silver Gelatin 

Sammy Davis Jr at a SHARE party, c.1965.

Shot by David Sutton



A New York native, David Sutton was a photographer from his early teens, when he studied under such tutors as the famed Margaret Bourke-White.  During World War II he was a combat photographer, and after the war he worked a brief stint with “Life.” Thereafter he opened his own studio in Los Angeles, where he gained a reputation for his work with such stars as Paul Newman, John Wayne, and Frank Sinatra.  His shots of these and other celebrities were consistently published in top magazines around the world.

He died in 1998.

Biography by Shawn Levy, taken from The Rat Pack.