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POSTED: 17 Nov 16 06:55

"Michael Zagaris has had an interesting trip, to say the least." TIME Magazine give an excellent account of Michael's wild story - check it out here.

POSTED: 10 Nov 16 10:44

BBC Arts offer up a great piece on Total Excess, including some of Michael's finest story-telling.

Check it our here.

POSTED: 08 Nov 16 10:41

“When I was shooting, it was like I was in the band and that was really the reason I wanted to do it” 

More tales of Total Excess from Michael Zagaris, in this excellent piece from The Guardian.

POSTED: 08 Nov 16 10:46

"All of a sudden the band was going on stage and I was following behind. I pulled the back of Keith's shirt. "Hey, Moony. What kind of trip is this going to be? He briefly turned back and said: "Don't know.""

Michael Zagaris recounts some of his patented wild Total Excess anecdotes for The Week. Read here.

POSTED: 07 Nov 16 10:41

The Mail on Sunday spoke to the Z-Man himself, who recounts some tales of his experiences shooting rocknroll royalty over the past few decades. Check it out here.

POSTED: 07 Nov 16 10:40

Little White Lies offer up a great run through of some of the posters on display in the BFI Black Star's Separate Cinema exhibition. Have a look at what they had to say here

POSTED: 07 Nov 16 10:48

The Week discuss BFI's tribute to black on-screen talent, named Black Star, which includes the Separate Cinema exhibition. Check it out here.