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POSTED: 30 Sep 13 12:00

"McQueen’s daredevil, thrill-seeking mantra of “I love for myself and I answer to nobody” is captured most uniquely and genuinely by Barry Feinstein."

Unseen McQueen: Barry Feinstein is featured in Cent magazine.

POSTED: 11 Sep 13 12:00

"This substantial book can be approached on two different levels, but by whichever approach you should find it rewarding."

Leica Society's Christopher Angeloglou reviews Photographers in-depth.

POSTED: 09 Sep 13 12:00

"One of 2013's must-have coffee-table books."

Grazia take a look at Audrey Hepburn in Hats in their fantastic 'Week In Week Out' culture section.

POSTED: 13 Aug 13 12:00

"The simple fact is, as 100 Movie Posters: The Essential Collection proves, film posters were better back then."

The Herald reviews 100 Movie Posters: The Essential Collection.

POSTED: 09 Aug 13 12:00

“We always suspected Steve McQueen was as cool in his private life as he was on screen, and now there are photographs to prove it.”

The Wall Street Journal recommends Unseen McQueen: Barry Feinstein in an advance review.

POSTED: 07 Aug 13 12:00

"There is no better guide to the style and sophisticated ‘look’ of John F. Kennedy than Mark Shaw’s latest book of photographs, The Kennedys."

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