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POSTED: 11 Aug 15 12:00

Hunter Barnes runs Esquire through some of his favourite images featured in the upcoming book Roadbook. Check out the article here.

POSTED: 26 Jun 15 12:00



Revered rock'n'roll photographer, Baron Wolman,
the man who made it all happen in 1969, Michael Laing,
and designer Dagon James,
will be at:

The Center for Photography at Woodstock
The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

signing copies of
Baron Wolman's landmark photography book, Woodstock.

Saturday, July 18th
Center For Photography at Woodstock
59 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 12498

 Sunday, July 19th
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
200 Hurd Road, Bethel, NY 12720

POSTED: 09 Jun 15 12:00

Tease and Cake's offer a review of Tom Kelley's Studio, which can be read here.

POSTED: 08 Jun 15 12:00

Artillery Magazine feature Art Kane in their May/June 2015 issue, which can be read here.

POSTED: 26 May 15 12:00

In celebration of director Martin Scorsese’s enduring commitment to the preservation of international film culture, MoMA presents 34 works from the Scorsese Poster Collection. The installation is centered around a rare, billboard-size poster for the 1951 filmTales of Hoffmann, and features other large-format pieces representing the work of directors such as Michael Powell (The Red Shoes, 1948), Max Ophuls (The Earrings of Madame de..., 1953) and Jacques Tourneur (I Walked with a Zombie, 1943), and key designers, such as Italy’s Anselmo Ballester and Britain's Peter Strausfeld. In addition to European art house and American genre films, Raoul Walsh’s silent classic The Regeneration (1915) and Howard Hawks’s Scarface (1932) (represented by a rare lobby card) are included. The exhibition will be accompanied by the film series Scorsese Screens in August 2015.

Click here for more information.

POSTED: 22 May 15 12:00

Wall Street International's article on Art Kane to coincide with the exhibition in Modena, Italy can be read here.

POSTED: 07 May 15 12:00

"The claim that Name's new book, The Silver Age, is the most revealing collection of photographs of the 20th century's most divisive artist is entirely convincing."

The Independent's review of Billy Name: The Silver Age can be read here.