Ski Williams
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Ski Williams (b.1964) grew up in North London. His parents were artistically inclined and Ski was encouraged to draw from a young age. In 1978 when most of his peers were besotted with punk, Ski heard Buddy Holly for the first time and soon after became a Teddy Boy. Thus began a lifelong love affair with American roots music. He began to explore the thriving world of London's Rock 'n' Roll clubs and second hand record shops. In his late teens he discovered the music and art of late 1960s California and became fascinated by the swirling psychedelic hand lettering of San Francisco poster artists such as Rick Griffin, Mouse and Kelly and Wes Wilson. Around this time he also started drawing and painting in Highgate woods, where he developed a deep and abiding spiritual connection with ancient Oak and Hornbeam forests.                                                      

Ski enrolled in a foundation course at The Central School of Art and Design before being accepted for an illustration degree at Camberwell College of Arts in 1985. Over the years he has been commissioned to design and illustrate many record sleeves and has made a series of large, limited edition silkscreen prints about music.                                                              

Ski’s left eye has been lazy since childhood as the retina was damaged and at the age of 19 he developed a condition known as keratoconus in both eyes. This involves a steepening of the cornea that can only be corrected by wearing a hard contact lens that sits over the distorted cornea allowing the tears to fill in the gap. Today, Ski works with his one good eye, aided by a contact lens and a magnifying visor.

Ski's limited edition prints are available here.

Ski Williams