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Anastasia Rygle is an independent curator and writer based in New York City.  Her research focuses on the New York avant-garde ca. 1950-1965 with particular emphasis on Andy Warhol and his milieu.  She is currently curating two exhibitions: Andy Warhol Prints from the Collection of Jordan Schnitzer for the Portland Art Museum opening September 2016 and Brigid Berlin for Invisible Exports opening October 2015. 

Anastasia has worked for numerous institutions including The Andy Warhol Museum, The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Wurtembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, and the Dia Foundation for the Arts as well as many single artist archives and private collections. At the Andy Warhol Museum, she assisted on the exhibitions, Warhol Live! Music and Dance in Andy Warhol’s Work, Canis Major: Andy Warhol’s Cats and Dogs, and Recette Satire: Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt additionally in 2007 she curated an exhibition of Ray Johnson’s work from Warhol’s personal archive. 

In 2012 she received her Master’s Degree from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College where her written thesis, “Ray Johnson: The Dover Street Years, 1953-1960” was accompanied by an exhibition featuring nearly 70 works.  In 2014, as Assistant Curator at the Queens Museum, she organized, 13 Most Wanted: Andy Warhol and the 1964 New York World’s Fair.


Anastasia contributed to:

Brigid Berlin Polaroids

Billy Name: The Silver Age

Anastasia Rygle