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Phil Moad is the Research Manager for The Kobal Collection film photo archive. He has been working for The Kobal Collection since 1997 and quickly picked up the mantle from John Kobal, gathering information from various sources around the world to add to John’s extensive interview notes and archives. Focusing on the portrait photographers, Phil has his own information archive covering nearly all known studio photographers from the silent era to the mid-1960s.

Phil is a world authority on the Hollywood studio photographers and over the years has helped picture edit over sixty books and has been interviewed for over fifty newspaper articles relating to the Hollywood studio photographers. Working for The Kobal Collection has given Phil many fantastic opportunities, including working with The Cannes Film Festival, The National Portrait Gallery, The AFI, BBC, and the V&A and director John Landis to name but a few. He even got to meet his favourite Hollywood movie star Esther Williams when she came to London for interviews.

Originally Phil’s passion for cinema came from his parents Linda and David Moad who as a family watched hundreds of classic movies together over many years. This is a tradition Phil’s partner Tyrone Yates now enjoys.

Phil is the author of Hurrell: The Kobal Collection

Phil Moad